Signs Your Pet Is Being Mind Controlled

Handlers and perps are what causes us to live in fear as targeted individuals, scared that our pets will get attacked as well.

Signs Your Pet Is Being Attacked By Frequencies:

1. Your Pet Is Paranoid:

Look out for your pet being paranoid. Your pet being paranoid could mean that your pet is having frequencies hit at them. Pets that get paranoid for no reason could mean that your pet is picking up on frequencies around you.

2. Your Pet Is Skittish:

If your pet is skittish this may be a sign your pet is being mind controlled. Especially if your pet is skittish for no reason at all. Your pet being skittish could be hearing things you are not hearing.

3. Your Pet Is Twitching:

If your pet is twitching this may be a sign they are being attacked by frequencies. Your pet should not be twitching. If they are twitching while sleeping it could be a dream but you should look out for how much they are twitching.

Just remember some pets can pick up on frequencies easier then others.


The Community Online Tool Box – Making Progress To End Targeting

This blog post will be about the Online Toolbox. This toolbox is to help us as a targeted individual community, progress to end targeting.

The community took box offers three subjects:

1. Learn A Skill:

Access a reliable, step-by-step navigation in your society building skills. Which offers tool kits such as, develop a strategic plan, how to conduct an assessment, write a grant or even evaluate your efforts.

2. Get Help Taking Action:

Access a simple model taking activity youu can use for general navigation on accessing, planning, taking action, evaluating and sustaining your work.

3. Contribute To Online Tool Box’s Work:

Help sustain these resources for building healthier communities. You can also donate to the Online Tool Box.

Millions of people use the Community Took Box every year to help take action, teaching and training others in organizing for community development. Come to Online Toolbox to help access community needs and resources, addressing g social determinants of health, engaging stakeholders, action planning, building leadership, improving cultural competency, planning an evaluation, and sustaining your work over time.

Building Your ToolBox:

The Community Tool Box offers thousands of individual pages of practical navigation for society change efforts. The Tool Box has supported mashups, or guidance for taking action, with various organizations.

Workstation Sign-In:

The Online Community Toolbox has a community workstation sign-in where you can access your projects.

Capacity Building And Participation Evaluation:

The Tool Box is a community of the Center for Community Health and Development at the Univeristy of Kansas. Created in 1975, the Center had developed widely used capabilities for community-based participation research and building capacity for society health and development. The KU Center for evaluation as well as technical support and training, consultation, and coaching for society, national and international initiatives.

Customized Community Workstations:

The Online Community Toolbox develops tailored online WorkStation websites for local, national and global initiatives. WorkStations solve needs for online groups, collaboration and enable users to easily share materials, make announcements, access tools, learn from others success stories, access guidance from peer discussions and solve needs for online collaboration. Customized WorkStations help communities work together to address the challenges they face.

Community ToolBox Training Curriculum:

Based upon demand for training, the Online Community Toolbox has developed a training curriculum on the sixteen core competencies for promoting community health and development. You can purchase these training materials for use in your own trainings or you can contact one of their experienced staff to conduct trainings for you in person or via webinars. They also employ a “train the trainer” approach.

Community Check Box Evaulation System:

The Online Community Toolbox has a team which has been evaluating community health initiatives for more then twenty years. Based on this experience the team has they have developed a Community Check Box Evaluation System to support documentation and evaluation of initiatives (local, state, national and global). In collaboration with communities, foundations and governmental agencies, they have developed hundreds of customized online systems for a variety of initiatives working along to bring change and improvement.

The Online Check Box Evaluation System includes supports for documenting your data, creating online graphs and reports, engaging in reflection and sensemaking around your data, and linking to clients to particular evaluation questions and what they need to know.

These resources help form a special and powerful infrastructure for supporting and evaluating community initiatives.

10 Signs Someone Is Mind Controlled

Hello everybody I know I have not posted a blog post in awhile. Today’s blog post will consist of how to notice if someone is being mind controlled.

How To Notice If Someone Is Mind Controlled:

1) A Glare Over Their Eyes

Have you ever noticed that someone may appear to have a glare over their eyes? It seems like a whitish glare and their eyes are very bright. This may be a sign that someone is mind controlled.

2) They Look Somewhat Confused

People who are mind controlled look somewhat confused, this goes along with the glare over someones eyes. They may look lost and seem like they have no idea what they exactly are doing.

3) They Are All Sluggish

People who are mind controlled their movements are very sluggish and sometimes it looks like they are moving in a slow motion. This is a way you can know how someone is mind controlled. They are very slow, and sluggish. Do not think of this for elderly people as they are already most of them slowed down.

4) They Cannot Move Efficiently

Do they seem to move then move fast all at once? Their coordinates of their movements seem off. Because they are under frequencies it can seem to be they also can stop moving them move all at once. This is a sign that someone is mind controlled.

5) They Barely Move When Sitting

People who are mind controlled barely move when they are sitting. They may seem to be in slow motion and barely move. They just sit their and don’t even say anything and just stare around. This is a sign someone is mind controlled.

6) They Don’t Seem Focused On Anything

Do you notice sometimes that a person does not seem focus on anything, and they appear to just be there like they are living on planet earth but they are in space? This is a sign someone is mind controlled. They can’t focus on anything and seem like they are living in space.

7) They Look Like They Are Having A Migraine

Most people who are mind controlled can appear to look like they are having a migraine. Sometimes these people are actually put into a migraine by the frequencies. These people look like their eyes are a bit squinted and appear off. This may be a sign someone is mind controlled.

8) They Have Tremors

People who are mind controlled appear to have tremors. I have a tremor in my left hand and I also know someone that is mind controlled who also has a tremor in their left hand. Someone who is having tremors may be mind controlled.

9) They Zone Off With Their Eyes

People who are mind controlled tend to zone off a lot. Once again, they seem to appear like they are in space. They zone off with their eyes and stare in one spot without moving. This is a sign that someone is mind controlled.

10) They Say Random Things That Don’t Make Sense

Individuals who are mind controlled say random things that do not make sense. This is because the perps are making them say random things. They say random things that usually they would not say. This is a sign someone is mind controlled.

Handler & Perp Psychopaths: Questions Answered

Hello everyone! I know I have not posted for awhile. This blog post will consist of talking about handler and perp psychopaths and will have questions answered.


Why do most handlers appear to act like psychopaths?

We could assume that most handlers are psychopaths because of the way they act. Psychopaths would be the best handlers. It is either these handlers have to act like a psychopath and have became cold because of their work or they recruiting agency simply looks for psychopaths.

Could the recruiting agency of handlers look for psychopaths?

Yes, they very well could look for psychopaths when they are recruiting handlers. Their is an application process which is a psychological test, that occurs when you become a handler. They would most likely look for people with a lack of empathy. You need a lack of empathy to become a handler. A normal empathic person would think torturing people would be insane.

Do handlers get immune to the work of a handler and become a psychopath?

If someone is not a psychopath they just cannot become a psychopath. A psychopath is born from birth. Psychopaths have a completely different brain then people who are not psychopaths.

A handler if they are not a psychopath can get cold and may appear to act like a psychopath but not be a true psychopath. Again, it would be very hard for a person who is not a psychopath to torture people. A empathic person would probably find an escape and get out of the handler hierarchy.


Do most perps know the real reason they are targeting people? Are they psychopaths because of this?

Most perps often times get told lies to target an individual. They do not know the real reason why they are targeting the person. This makes the perp unaware what is happening.

If a perp knew the real reason they were targeting people it may be simply like the handlers they are looking for people with a lack of empathy. Whether they get a psychological evaluation that they are a sociopath or psychopath would be unlikely. They would be looking for individuals simply who have a lack of empathy.

Are perps psychopaths or just lost individuals?

Perps are mostly lost individuals who did not truly know what they were getting into. The perps usually had no idea what they were getting into since the beginning. Most perps are indeed lost individuals that are now a perp and have no idea how to get out of the perp hierarchy.

If you have any questions comment below, I will add them to the blog post and will answer them.

It has to be questions relating to perps or handlers being psychopaths.

V2K Abuser Gaslighting Approaches & T.I Symptoms Of Being Gaslighted

V2K Gas-Lighter Approaches:

• V2K abuser implants thoughts – it is not your usual thoughts.

• V2K abuser uses crude words.

• V2K abuser proceeds to try to get the T.I to rely on the abuser.

• V2K abuser constantly is caught in lies.

• V2K abusers actions do not meet their words.

• V2K abuser knows confusion weakens T.I’s.

• V2K abuser uses positive reinforcement to confuse the T.I – so gaslighting can continue.

• V2K abuser looks for emotional reactions – to see if gaslighting is working.

• V2K abuser tells you everyone else is a liar.

• V2K abuser uses insecurities to hurt the T.I

Symptoms Of T.I Being Gaslighted:

• T.I creates excuses for the V2K abuser – protect the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they should be alone.

• T.I cannot stop apologizing to the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they are never good enough for anyone.

• T.I appears unhappy for no certain reason.

• T.I struggles making well-planned decisions.

• T.I starts wondering if they are too sensitive.

Resources On Mind Control: List Of Websites

This will be updated every once in awhile.


Mind Control:


Russian Mind Control:



Mind Control Handlers & Operators Scenario

Why do handlers have to use v2k technology and the victim and handler could just be sitting in front of each other and their brains could be connected?

A possible scenario could be operators are working for the handlers. These operators could all be in a private business type building. So the handler has their operators connecting the handlers mind to their victims?

I spoke to a targeted individual once that very much did believe in that handlers could connect two victims together.

This would make no sense connecting two victims together. A handler being connected to a victim would make sense because the handler is participating in the program.

Connecting two victims together would not follow their mind control program agenda.

Many people have believed that handlers seem to have their own handlers.

Is this scenario actually possible and very much could be the reality?

Leave your thoughts below.

T.I Questions Answered About Targeting

Hello everyone! I decided to create a blog post about questions T.I’s have had which I decided to answer. Every 3-5 questions I have answered this blog post will be routinely updated with new questions which have been answered.

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I also answer questions relating too, stalkers, sociopaths, psychopaths and other fun questions I have decided to answer.

Question 1: “How can it be possible to be monitored 24/7 as a targeted individual?”

How is it possible?

Technology it is very possible to not stalk someone in person.

Their are hacking programs which can record from your electronic device, if it has a microphone and camera.

The “Perps” which are the people who target people for the targeting programs, they can have these types of software.

Even if the Perp is a hacker, he may not be watching a targeted individual 24/7.

Although, with these hacking programs you can have it always recording so if the Perp is not there at the moment, they can come back and watch the recording and reverse or forward it just like a movie.

I don’t like to assume every targeted individual is being watched 24/7, but they are definitely monitoring your brain activity.

What goes along with targeted individual’s, they experience electronic harassment which is also known as remote neural monitoring.

Even the person who is monitoring for myself is not there 24/7 but a lot of targeted individuals do experience someone there 24/7.

Perps take shift work so when a Perp is done working the second one comes along, it is just like a normal day to day job you’re just causing targeted individual’s lives hell.

Question 2: “What is a Targeted Individual?”

“TI or Targeted Individual is an individual who has been placed into a maze of psychological and often physical warfare tactics which is orchestrated by the U.S. military, C.I.A. and federal law enforcement. From community harassment known as “Organized Stalking” and various other invasion of privacy tactics and violations of basic constitutional rights to invisible, silent physical torture through the use of highly targeted overexposure to electromagnetic radiation.”

Definitions – Targeted Individuals 101

Question 3: “What does this gang stalking tactic mean when a perpetrator drives close to the road side curb of your house?”

1 The perpetrator are trying to see if you’re home at that moment which they are sitting at the curb. Some Perps with V2K technology or their other technology still have technological problems. Not all the Perps have special advanced technology such as V2K technology, so they would do the gang-stalking the old fashioned way. Usually only handlers are accessible with V2K technology, while perps don’t have much of the technology aspect. Handlers can participate in gang-stalking although this occurs rarely. Without the Perps having advanced technology, they would have to come all the way out to your house.

2 The perpetrator may be trying to create fear with their victim, so the victim will be scared and powerless. This is a scare tactic the perpetrators proceed with which they do to install fear with their target.

3 It may be a gang-stalker perpetrator that has crossed the boundaries between his job and he has formed a personal attachment to his victim. This attachment has occured with other people that are or have been victimized by electronic harassment or in your case, gang-stalking. The perpetrator would then proceed with or without advanced technology such as, V2K technology to sit at the curb because they have formed an attachment.

4 The perpetrator may be sitting at the curb to see how you react with the gang-stalking, this goes along with answer number two. This is a psychology tactic which they attempt at so they can understand if the gang-stalking is working. Many things can be understood with how someone reacts to gang-stalking such as body language, emotions, and reactions.

Try your hardest to not let them know you’re frightened. This is what the perpetrator wants is for you to be scared. So you can roll your eyes, smirk, or stare at them straight in their eyes, and be calm for the perpetrator to acknowledge that you know who they are and that you don’t give a damn.

Most of them perpetrators cannot look at me straight in the eyes for very long.

My advice go into deep thinking and figure out what options I gave then figure out what one it could possibly be.

Question 4: “How are all the reports on gang stalking and electronic harassment chalked up to be mental illnesses when 20 years ago, it was unheard of, for example, Myron May?”

Reports on Gang-Stalking and Electronic Harassment are chalked up to mental illness for many reasons.

1 The public is not well aware of the covert war that is going on with Gang-Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

~ The public is not well aware of the covert war because, the mainstream media only tells society what they want to hear. NSA or the CIA if they truly wanted too could prevent certain things being broadcasted on the mainstream television. This is why their has been most likely no such broadcast on mainstream media about the unclassified information such as, MK-ULTRA.

2. Electronic Harrasment & Gang-Stalking are done in secretive ways.

~ For example, people who are paid to gang-stalk or participate in electronic harrasment are protected in many ways, this is why it is very hard to collect evidence of the paycheques given to gang-stalkers and electronic harrasment abusers. The gang-stalkers and electronic harrasment abusers get paid in cash so their is no evidence left. It is like how the government gives a certain amount of funding to these agencies, if the government gives a part of the funding to the participants of gang-stalking and electronic harassment and then give the participants cash, how is it trackable? Hopefully you now see where my comprehension is coming from.

3. Some individuals in politics have no involvement or know about Electronic Harassment and gang-stalking.

~ An example Canada, if the front lines such as ministers, and the main individuals in politics have no idea what electronic harrasment or gang-stalking is about how is their supposed to be change? In Canada, politicians debate within their political parties and then a decision is made. Most of the electronic harrasment and gang-stalking are done by spy agencies, security agencies or private investigator agencies. These agencies are supposed to be inflicted with the government, although they still act like on their own. For example, police and border officers can decide on which actions are taken which generally depends in their moods and their own terms.

4. When someone reports Electronic Harassment or Gang-Stalking to the police sometimes the police have no choice to take you to the hospital.

Police have no options when someone comes to them with these types of allegations. They have been told if someone comes across with these allegations to take them to a hospital. This is the situation that always ends up happening, a victim of electronic harrasment or gang-stalking then proceeds to get taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Whether the police officers/officer are apart of the electronic harassment, gang-stalking, or believe in the individual that is stating the allegations, do not believe it at all they cannot do anything.

Don’t you see everything has been set up perfectly?

Hope this helps!

Question 5: “What is your story of becoming a Targeted Individual?”

My Story?

I have been targeted since the year of 2015. How it started out that I was targeted is when I checked my IP (IP Address) Logs. IP Addresses are your location of where you are like laptops, tablets and cell-phones have. I found out who was connected to my laptop, by going into the command prompt of my laptop and typing “Netstat”. Once I was in the command prompt and proceeded with these steps I found strange locations connected to my laptop.

What were some of the places I found connected to my Laptop?

1. United States of Defence

2. United States Marine Corps

3. Russian Network Service

The American ones were the main two out of the various others that made me think, “what is going on?” I also thought, “If I am not Targeted why am I having these places connected to my laptop”? This whole scenario made no sense to me.

After this incident I kept getting approached and spoken to on Facebook, by numerous amount of Individuals that were either retired from the American Army or were actively in the American Army.

Since having the Russian IP Address also, Russian Army Personnel have contacted me trying to get to know me.

This is my story of when I came to realization that I may indeed be Targeted.

Remote Neural Monitoring: Projected Visions While Awake Research

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all doing well. Today my blog post will consist of my own research regarding projections of visions while being awake regarding remote neural monitoring.

It is very possible by my gathered research that projected images can not only be done in a dream state but can also be done by being fully awake. Other victims of remote neural monitoring have experienced vision type videos while not only being in a sleep state but rather being wide awake. The online research I have done speaks mainly about induced dreams by the electronic harassment abusers but does not speak a lot about induced visions while being awake.

Could these projected videos/images be triggered by the victim being placed into a hypnosis? That has not yet been sorted out but from what I have gathered it is possible for remote neural monitoring to produce vision type videos.

I started with seven people asking them six questions regarding remote neural monitoring projected visions. Question number one was “have you ever experienced visions that are like thoughts being wide awake?” six out of seven people answered, yes which is 85% of the seven targeted individuals who were asked. Questions number two was “if you have experienced visions while being awake are they blurry?” five out of seven people answered yes, which is 71% of the seven targeted individuals who were asked. Question number three was “if you experienced images while awake are they clear?” four out of seven people answered yes, which is 57% of the seven targeted individuals who were asked. This is a lot lower then the visions which are blurry who people have experienced. Question number four was “have these visions seemed like like visions in your opinion?” five out of seven people answered yes, which is 71% of the seven targeted individuals who were asked. This shows that in their opinion the visions could indeed be live and have not been recorded. Question number five was “do these visions appear randomly?” Again, five out of seven people answered yes, which is 71% of the seven targeted individuals who were asked. This shows that the 71% of the seven people who were asked the question did indeed know they were random and were not expecting the visions while awake. Questions number six was “are these visions something you wanted?” two out of seven people answered yes which is 28% of the targeted individuals who were asked. This resembles that the rest of the two individuals who answered “yes”, the visions they experienced must of not been their own imagination because they were not expecting it.

I researched online about produced visions while being awake and found some information regarding digging the internet. This is a quotation from this website I found while researching.

“Subjective visual experience arises from the integration of visual content with an egocentric reference frame based on the neural monitoring of visceral inputs. Left, schematic representation of information flow in the visual hierarchy. Visual processing begins with an unconscious and automatic wave of feed-forward processing, generating an integrated visual scene representation in higher-order visual areas. Conscious precepts are preferentially formed at this level. The conscious retrieval of details would require an additional and optional descending processing. Modified from Campana and Tallon-Baudry (2013). Right, the neural monitoring of ascending visceral inputs creates an egocentric reference frame, from which first-person perspective can develop. Modified from Park and Tallon-Baudry (2014). The integration of visual content and the egocentric reference frame gives rise to subjective visual experience.”

Also, “In other words, subjects have the feeling they see the entire visual scene – a rich subjective experience – but when probed they are unable to report accurately the details of the visual scene.”


NSA operatives was a lot of the information I came across while researching remote neural monitoring. Someone made a website and gave an article of how remote neural monitoring can send images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. The operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M sleep for brain-programming purposes. Again, this only talks about dream states and not induced visions while awake but it does help with the fact that induced images are possible while being asleep. This may mean that induced images could be indeed possible while the victim is awake. Another website I came across spoke about they can use a technique that can be prepared videos as per dreams. These video/dreams will be directed inside your mind as you are sleeping.
In conclusion, from the information I have gathered most of the victims of remote neural monitoring do experience live visions wide awake or in dreams. While information shows that it is more possible for induced visions to be while sleeping, these type of induced projection images have appeared while individuals are wide awake as well.

Personally, I hope their is more information regarding induced images which are projected while being awake.

Stay Safe & Stay Happy !

Why Targeted Individuals Police Reports Are Ignored

Reports on gang-stalking and electronic harrasment are chalked up to mental illness for many reasons.

1. The public is not well aware of the covert war that is going on with gang-stalking and electronic harrasment.

~ This is because, the mainstream media only tells individuals what they want to hear. NSA and CIA if they truly wanted too could prevent certain things being broadcasted on the mainstream television. This is why their most likely has been no such broadcast on mainstream media about the unclassfied information of MK-ULTRA, for example.

2. Electronic Harrasment & Gang-Stalking is done in secretive ways.

~ For example, people who are paid to gang-stalk and or do electronic harrasment are protected in many ways. This is why it is very hard to collect evidence of the paycheques given to gang-stalkers and electronic harrasment abusers. The gang-stalkers and electronic harrasment abusers get paid in cash so their is no evidence left. It’s like how the government gives a certain amount of funding to these agencies. If you give a part of the funding to the participants of gang-stalking and electronic harassment and then give them cash, how is it trackable? Now you hopefully see where my comprehension is coming from…

3. Some individuals in politics have no involvement or know about electronic harrasment or gang-stalking.

~ For Canada, if the front lines such as ministers, and the main individuals in politics have no idea what electronic harrasment or gang-stalking is about, how is their supposed to be change? In Canada, politicians debate within the government and then a decision is made. Most of the electronic harrasment and gang-stalking is done by spy agencies, security agencies, private investigator agencies etc. These agencies are supposed to be inflicted with the government, although they still act like they are their own government. For example, police and border officers can decide on things most of the times in their own terms and mood. This is similar within the agencies I have already listed.

4. When someone reports electronic harrasment or gang-stalking to the Police they have no choice to take you to the Hospital.

~ Police have no options when someone comes to them with these types of allegations. They have been told if someone comes across with these allegations to admit them to the hospital. This is the situation that always ends up happening, a victim of electronic harrasment or gang-stalking then proceeds to get taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Whether the police officers/officer are apart of the electronic harrasment or gang-stalking, believe in the individual that is stating the allegations or does not believe it all they can’t do anything.

Don’t you see everything has been set up perfectly?

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Stay Safe & Stay Happy

Do Targeted Individual’s Get Mind Controlled To Work In The Labour Force?

Sometimes Mind Control handlers will try to control what career path you choose to go down.

Although, most Mind Control handlers usually try to get their victim to rely on the government for money. They don’t want their victim getting a job. This is because, the handlers want their victim not to have a job so the victim can be controlled easier.

People who control the mind can lead someone into a pathway to get the person into the labour force which is usually minimum wage jobs.

Reasons A Handler Wants You To Work In The Labour Force:

1) This could be because, they have already tried to dumb down their victim so they can’t focus going to college to get a better career pathway.

2) It can be because, they can make their victims have a hard time focusing in school or keeping up with the school work load.

3) It can be because, many people who control the brain do like choosing what career path-way’s their mind control victim goes through.

– Whether it is only relying on government support money, or what career the handler thinks is best for their victim.

Tips To Combat This:

~ Try to really think of what career you want to do in your life.

~ Try to think do you really want to go into this career path and the reasons why.

– If you don’t have a clear reason why you want your career path, it is most likely because they are trying to control your career path.

~ If you want to go to college focus on improving yourself before you do it. Also, get into the mindset that you want a better life.

Mind Control Hierarchy Rankings

Below Is The List Of The Mind Control Hierarchy. Some things are not listed in the Photo.

First Rank – Dark Blue (Bottom of the Pyramid)


~ Trying specific tasks out. (Not participating in Mind Control at this stage).

~ Not knowing 100% what they are getting involved in regarding the Mind Control Hierarchy.

Second Stage – Neon Turquoise (Middle of Pyramid)

Payroll Employees:

~ Person becomes working under a company named.

~ Compliance and willing too meet goals of a Handler.

~ The recruited Handler starts telling the Perps their tasks.

Third Stage – Yellow (Middle Of Pyramid)

Oversight Crew:

~ Pays attention on all of the research projects.

~ Starts propaganda campaigns.

~ Makes sure Mind Control projects progress.

~ Hire, fire, or smear people who work in the Hierarchy.

Fourth Stage – Green (Middle of Pyramid)


~ Has entire access to technology (lower ranks then generals do not).

~ Has entire access to the information regarding all Mind Control projects.

~ Has entire control of Hierarchy Ranks (Except Elite’s)

~ Participates more International Targeting.

Fifth Stage – Red (Top of Pyramid)


~ Completely protected.

~ Issues orders of continuance of Mind Control programs.

~ Running prediction programs for Mind Control.

From the help of Paul Hibbison

Facebook Profile:

( )

New World Order & Mind Control Prospective

I strongly believe Mind Control could be linked to a New World Order… If you sit and think for awhile can’t you see it could be very likely possible?

One of the signs that Mind Control is a part of the New World Order is, the Perp will try to tell the person what to do. If you allow the Perp, they will try to turn you into the person they would like you to be. It all seems to fit the agenda of the Perps wanting us to be their total Mind Control slaves, to obey and to constantly listen to the them.

I personally found in the past that, if I didn’t listen to the Perp in my head he would get worse and stick around and cause my life hell.

You can’t listen to what the Perps tell you to do… It is all a ploy to get people Mind Controlled so they can be controlled to fit the agenda of making individuals follow their plan.

It’s almost like us in North America and other places, are already slaves whether people are Mind Controlled or not. We are made to attend the strict education system and then get on our way to be a slave to money, and work hard for the rest of our lives. If us humanity is taught to do this, why wouldn’t the high ranked people in politics, law enforcement, or government, Mind Control people in our society to follow the work hard plan? Not only the slave to work plan… Control people as a society to make us submissive to whatever the Government wants us to do? It should truly make you think, if you have not yet already thought of this.

Thanks for reading.

Mind Control Victims & Romance: #2

Targeted Individuals who experience Mind Control and try to have romance in their lives can be a very hard task.

Personally, I am in a relationship and it can be very difficult at times.

I try having a decent conversation, with my boyfriend and he has to deal with me giving me insults to the individual that is doing V2K (Synthetic Telepathy). I give insults a lot because the person who is doing V2K, is the one that tends to be rude to me most of the time.

Some Mind Control victims tend to shy away from having Romance in their lives. Which I believe is a personal choice.

I honestly don’t blame the individuals who experience V2K all day to not have an interest in romance, or to try expanding their romantic interests.

I think the only thing that made me choose to start a romantic relationship, was the fact that I don’t experience V2K constantly.

Although, it is not just V2K that factors some choices as Targeted Individuals, to not proceed with a romantic relationship or just simply not go looking for one.

All Targeted Individuals at least once, have had a fear that their trusted friend, family member or even acquaintance is a Perp.

A Perp is someone who is paid to cause havoc in a Targeted Individuals life and other malicious things.

It is hard for us Targeted Individuals, to even trust someone to start a romantic relationship with someone, when you don’t know if the individual is a Perp or could become one.

Generally people who are sent frequencies and experience Mind Control have symptoms. This can include hypnosis, fatigue, depression, anxiety, unstoppable bad thoughts and more.

This also factors some of us as Targeted Individuals. Some Targeted Individuals believe because of all these stressors, they don’t see the point of pursuing a romantic relationship.

Romantic relationships overall, need a lot of effort and hard work put into them. I don’t blame a lot of us as Targeted Individuals not pursuing a romantic relationship. I believe, it all depends generally how horrible ones symptoms are.

I hope you all can relate to this article and you enjoyed.

Thank you for reading!

Mind Control Implants Details

Information Of Micro-Chip Implants:

• Older Micro-Chips should be the size of a grain of rice. Newer could be the size of a small dot.

• Micro-Chips should be underneath the skin, in the muscle, in a tooth and possibly other spots they could be in.

• Obviously their are signs that come with having Micro-Chip Implants like having pain. Suffering fatigue and many others.

• X-Ray’s that have been already taken you can receive. It is hard to get X-Rays without a valid excuse. Saying “I think I have a Micro-Chip Implant.” Is not a good excuse.

• Usually 95% of the time Micro-Chips implanted into you will be without your consent. You will also usually never know.

~ Unless you know about Micro-Chip Implants and figure out you have one.

My Tips To Deal With Telepathic Communications

Here is some of my tips to combat Telepathic Communications, also known as “V2K”.

For myself, activities can be harder for V2K Communication to come through. I notice this with myself.

List Of Activities You Can Do:

~ Journal

~ Create a Blog (If you already have a blog, work on updating it with new Blog Posts)

~ Read a book

~ Colour

~ Participate in your city events you find interesting

~ Call a friend or family member

~ Meet up with friends in person

~ Promote awareness for Targeted Individuals

~ Message/Text your Targeted Individual friends or real life friends.

Main Thing: Keep Yourself Busy & Focused With Activities.

Catching Independent Perps and Non Independent Perps & The Outcome

Independent Perps & Non Independent Perps:

When you catch the perp, they often disappear for periods of times. It is possible the perp may come back after a period of time. But some cases the perp will never return to their victim.

Catching an Independent Perp:

~ The Perps fear exposure and being caught from their victim.

~ An Independent Perp doesn’t have a boss, so they just fear the exposure from themselves and not a boss. They’d just be scared because they think you are catching on that their a perp.

~ An independent perp they may be strategizing how to perp in different styles. This is because you’ve caught the perp. Strategizing could entail, how they can be more secretive about perping their victims

Catching a Non Independent Perp:

~ Because, you have spotted the perp, he or she could just be waiting to get further instructions from their boss. The perp and his boss may be strategizing how to perp their victim in a more covert way.

Targeted Individuals & Perp Lovers

Today, I will be talking about, Perp Lovers. How they will approach you and, what too look out for.

How will they approach? (In Steps)

1. They will know a profile and not you. They will act like they know not too much about you.

2. You may find, the perp will stalk you. They will show up in places you are, and other forms of stalking will appear.

3. Distracting ~ Will pull you away from choices or goals.

4. They will try to have meetings or will approach you.

Additional Signs of a Perp Lover:

~ A Perp Lover will invent a lame excuse for leaving. They will give little or no apology.

~ Perp Lovers may spend an awful amount of time and money from home.

~ The perp will gives gifts and unkept promises.

~ Displays of romance may fool the Targeted Individual, into not thinking they are a Perp Lover.

Questions About Mind Control Handlers Answered #2

What do Handlers jobs consist of?

~ Handlers give the Perps orders on when to monitor their Victim, how to harass the victim etc.

~ Handlers control their victim. They dictate their emotions, activities, who they romantically like, how they react to life situations and more.

How do you get hired to be a Mind Control Handler?

~ First they Monitor the Potential Handler

~ Second if the Potential Handler has good skills, they will soon send an agent, to recruit the Potential Handler.

~ Third they will ask the Potential Handler questions and then will train them.

Can Mind Control Handlers be a part of the Government or are they only part of a Spy Agency?

~ If the Handler is a part of only the Government they would still be inflicted with a Spy Agency.

~ If they are only in the Spy Agency they wouldn’t be inflicted with the Government.

Do all “Perps” become a Handler?

~ Not all the time but some Perps become a Handler. Some Perps remain Perps for the rest of their lives.

Targeted Individual Update: Technology Problems & My Story.

Now, I could of been Mind Controlled since I was 7-8 Years Old. I remember hearing a man communicate in my head in a vehicle around that age, looking at the sun.

I cannot believe since that age, I’ve had nothing but Technology Hay-Wires.

Blue Screen that prevented computer access, constant Trojans with even good Anti-Virus the technology fails and problems are non-stop hell.

Recently, the V2K man I have in my mind… Basically, I wasen’t on my own computer, I was in another place. All of a sudden regarding a question I was asking my friend about V2K Technology. In another chat window on Facebook it randomly types in “Why are you asking ssh.” This was the exact same phrase the V2K man has said about a month ago.

No matter what electronic device I get I run into problems. Such as my Samsung Tablet turning off and on until it dies even reaching 60% battery. Never knowing when my iPhone is going to pooch out of battery at 10%, I fear I will never be at peace with my Technology…

I just wish these bastards would be gone, and die in hell.

I’m sure every Targeted Individual can relate to constantly having these problems, and it is annoying, I feel bad for everyone who experiences non-stop Technology Bullshit.

Thanks for reading.

Targeted Individuals: Why Targeted Individuals can Pick Up Thoughts of other Targeted Individuals. (Can Occur)

A lot of Targeted Individuals amongst Targeted Individuals basically each of us consider that we are Mind Controlled right? Also, a lot of Targeted Individuals that are Mind Controlled, possibly can have Psychic Abilities. Although, because all Targeted Individuals are Mind Controlled. A person who is controlling another Individual, can go into someone else’s brain. They then can see what exactly they are thinking about. This then would cause another Targeted Individual to speak/write etc something that the Individual was thinking about. They do this to cause Targeted Individuals to get weary of other Targeted Individuals. Honestly, just to get the Targeted Individual to believe they are out to get them or a Perp. Also, to cause the Targeted Individual to become Isolated and not have anybody in their lives. Because, mainly whether Targeted Individuals want to believe it or not. If they are Targeted 99% of the time they are Mind Read by their Controllers and they are being Mind Controlled.

Mind Control: Political (Information I Have Found)

Political Mind Control doesn’t just rely on people who are in the Political Systems. Although, people who are in the Political System can be Mind Controlled like anyone can be.

Information I have found:

~ People who Mind Control the victim can Induce the Targeted Person or Groups to act against his or her own convictions and best interests.

~ One of the Goals could be to Program the Individual to carry out Missions of Espionage.

~ Countries throughout the world have secretly employed Political Mind Control Tactics against each other for decades. Military & Intelligence Agencies may use Techniques against each other.

You may be a Target of Political Mind Control if:

1. You want to carry out Espionage.

2. Be interested in countries that your country hates.

2. Want to work for a country that your country you were born in dislikes or hates.

How Targets Are Selected And Recruited For Mind Control Programs

This blog post, will describe how people get recruited for mind control programs.

~ They are looking for people with higher then average intelligence. They look for this because, the recruiters can use a target for many things. The target may have intelligent ideas, which the recruiters can learn from the target, it can make situations exciting.

~ The recruiters believe you are more open to suggestion then other individuals. This is a big role of recruiting someone for a program. You need to be open to suggestions more then average individuals so the handler can control your mind easier.

~ The recruiters may be looking for individuals who have had mental health issues currently or in their past. An individual which has past mental health problems, a recruiter could believe that a target would be more insecure and willing to listen, if the target starts hearing voices or experiencing telepathic communications.

~ If they want to recruit an individual for a mind control program, they generally have skills they want from you. You could have unique skills that other people do not have. Your interests regarding politics, military, intelligence, technology are some examples. You could have skills in a topic that a lot of people don’t tend to focus on.

~ The recruiters tend to target individuals for mind control programs, who have nobody to miss them. The individuals they may want to target are lonely, or are a loner. They don’t have a lot of people to rely on. An example, not having a lot of family members or friends or it could be having no friends at all.

~ The recruiters also tend to target individuals that will learn about the mind control and will have people they are close to which will not believe in mind control. These people will call the targeted individual “delusional” or “crazy” The people that are close to you, may even say “why do you think you are so special, that you are in a mind control program.”

~ You may also be targeted if you have been involved in the military. If you ever have participated in the Military or are currently active in the military. You may have someone in your Family that has participated in the military or they may be actively in the military. This is well known for having parents who have participated in the military.

~ They could recruit you for Mind Control Programs if they think you will be easily steered into Gaslighting and Manipulation. This goes along with, being open to suggestions which I mentioned previously.

~ They could recruit you for mind control programs if the recruiters think you are a good fit to become one of them. This would be a perpetrator or mind control handlers. The recruiters may want you participate in espionage, join an agency, or obtain information. This can occur in some cases. They also could think you are a good target to be threatened, and may listen to be one of these options above.

~ They could recruit you in one of the mind control programs which is beta sex slave’s. If they think you’re attractive in their views or could easily be steered into this program. Another reason they may want you for the beta sex slave program is, if you have had many past relationship problems, and don’t feel that good about yourself.

~ If you have parents who have been in a Mind Control program or still currently are in a program, they may choose you because one of your parents, have been chosen. If the recruiters know that the child’s parent has been or is in a Program. The parents child then can be recruited easily.

~ The recruiters may think you have specific genes that they believe are prone to being mind controlled. Honestly, I have no idea what genes they like but they can look for genes.

~ They may target you because you’re suspicious. You like a foreign country which the country you live in hates. They think this is odd so you get recruited because they don’t understand or are suspicious like already said.

~ You may get targeted because the recruiters do not like your political views. They think it is outside their agenda or that it is a lot different then others. They don’t think your political views are normal.

~ They may recruit you because they think you are submissive. This goes a long with women especially, if you’re submissive they may have an eye out for you. If you’re submissive you are easier to listen to Voice 2 Skull Synthetic Telepathy.

~ They recruit you because you are a whistle blower or an activist. They don’t like what information you’re leaking if you’re a whistleblower. If you are an activist they do not like what you are being an activist for.

V2K Handler: My Story & Tips

I have it rough like everybody else. Although, I can ask him the V2K Handler when was the last times I did certain things. He seems to know. I suppose he is nice enough. He’s generally honest with me, and tells me the truth. I figure it out in times he was generally telling the truth. I get called mean names, other people experience this I’ve heard. Although he can be somewhat nice sometimes. He is generally a sometimes a very funny Individual as well. He makes me laugh to his comments.


Just stay strong, and if they call you mean names as well… Try to avoid them and laugh them off.

I know from my experience the more you are nicer, they can make you laugh or be nice back.

It tends to get worse the more you appear to be mean to them.

Mind Control: Questions Answered About Child Spies

Why would they not tell the child the Goal of the Child is to make them into being a Spy?

~ Because the Child by not knowing can pass a lie detector test. Drugs will not work with the child like Truth Serum.

Will the Victim (The Child) eventually figure out they are a spy?

~ Yes, the victim that they want to be a spy will figure it out over time if the child lives long enough.

What are the Signs and Symptoms a Child is a potential Spy?

~ Memories will bleed through. The Individual would feel like it was a movie, nothing really makes sense. Missing time, loss of memories would be questioned by the child.

Would the child be guided to a certain countries beliefs, the country which they want to recruit the child to become a Spy?

~ They would know things about the Country, and not know really how they know. The child would be tested, and if good at it. The child, will then be trained to become a Spy.

How would they train them if the Child isn’t in a Facility?

~ The Child wouldn’t necessarily know they are being trained. The child would start appearing to be different, they could appear that everything is a game to them. The child may have to act a certain way they think about themselves. Some people have assumed at night the Military Abducts the Child from their Home. They are then take to a Facility or somewhere else. After the programming the Child’s mind is wiped and they are placed back into their beds. Family members, do not notice because they are Programmed to be in a deep sleep.

If a Child from a small age, start having Educational Testing or other kinds of testing done, a sign Spies may have an interest in them?

~ Yes this is a Sign.

If a Child is already a Spy, and the Child gets more different types of testing done what is the cause for this?

~ Most likely, to enhance the Programming.

Will the Child Spy get Programmed to work or to be approached by an Individual eventually? If they have not yet been approached?

~ Yes, this occurs sometimes. Other times, it is a no trace program. People will come into the Child’s life or even see something on the internet that triggers memories.

Will someone decide when the Child starts getting Missions?

~ Yes, the Spies will choose when this happens.

Russian Mind Control: Russian MILABS, The Facts, My Opinion.

The Facts:

Yes, theirs actual Russian Mind control. Yes, it is hard to find information about their Mind Control, it’s obvious why.

Although, it’s much secretive. Russians try not to share to the Americans about information regarding anything about their Mind Control.

At least it was back awhile ago they didn’t.

Have Russian ties with the Americans gotten that much better? No. Would they truly you think, share a lot of Information about their Mind Control? Most likely no. Although, I could be wrong. If they share information I believe, it would be little or false.

Russian Mind Control CIA Article:

Based on a CIA article from their website. Back around in 2003-2004, the Americans were asking the Russians about Mind Control. They said their capable in the articles released. But the Russians wouldn’t give much information about their mind control.


Another way of thinking. You could of heard the term, MILAB/MILABS. You have to dig deep for the articles that are not a prt of Military Abductions. Russia used it a lot in the past like the Soviet Days. The controllers would match up a man and woman agent. The male agent would then be a controller for the female agent. Although, sometimes the male agent didn’t. They both had their own controller. Usually the man is the controller with the female agent when these circumstances were happening.

And I believe, they most likely still are happening.

My Opinion:

In my opinion, this would resume. The female mind control victim, would be controlled by a male. The male mind control victim would be controlled by a male or female.

I also, personally believe, not a lot has changed regarding who controls the mind if you are in a Russian Mind Control Program.

The Truth About EEG’s & Mind Control: My Story

To let everyone know about the truth of EEG’s and what other people thinks about them. Plus my story. I hope you all enjoy this read.

I’ve had an EEG done before. And they didn’t explain what an EEG was all about to me in depth. It’s certainly believe it is all a lie. Since I have gotten this EEG Scan I noticed my targeting started and I had a lot more symptoms of Mind Control then I already did.

They told me it’s basically too see what any type of psychosis is caused by in the brain.

They haven’t even figured out what psychosis is caused by in studies Psychiatrist’s can even admit to you they don’t know what it is caused by yet.

With the EEG I’ve also had the different kinds of flashing lights, some of you might of experienced this. Is this common sense? Flashing lights to see how your brain is working with them? Think about it. If they are flashing different kinds of lights to see how your brain responds? How does this involve studies with Psychosis? It possibly could be but definitely sounds strange to me!

Cause it’s part of the Mind Controlling Programming, aspect this is what I believe. Or if you are already not programmed. They would get you to do the EEG Scan, to get you into being programmed.

And some others, I know I do. Believe Psychosis is caused by Mind Control anyways.

Please if they want to do it to you reject it, other Targeted Individuals and Victims of Mind Control do believe that EEG Scans are all a lie.

This opens the mind I and others believe to Mind Control Programming.

Your brain is at risk.

Do not trust it!

Mind Control Victims & Romance #1

The reality, of Romance and Mind Control and Targeted Individuals is pure saddening. I have been Targeted/Followed for 2 years. It could of been more but I am still trying to figure things out. I also, believe I have been controlled for a long time then I currently say I am. Although, I know for sure it has been at least 2 years for now.

I know a lot of Targeted Individuals Romance tends to go to ashes.

Personally I can only get romantically attracted to usually, Perpetuators or Mind Controllers/Handlers.

Their is an odd time I truly get attracted to an actual good person. I don’t know why this is. All I know it is very saddening. I believe it is to cause my life more hell.

Honestly, having an true romantic relationship in your life when you are Targeted or a victim of Mind Control is very slim.

They will control who you get romantically attracted too I know this for myself. It may not be the same for everyone.

If you start having romance towards someone that they don’t want you to like. They will ruin your attraction for the person, and will go to ashes like I said. There is an odd person, which Perps, Controllers or Handlers will accept. I mostly find it is themselves that they will only allow.

Generally, they are bad people so it is hard to even maintain a steady relationship. Plus, must of the time they have one motive for Romance if you know what I mean.

Overall, I believe and other Targeted Individuals and Victims of Mind Control that Romance is just not an option.

Perps: Characteristics

– promulgate lies

– antagonistic behavior

– manipulative behavior

– attempts to confuse target by brain washing 

– gas lights target

– has a criminal history

– aggressive behavior

– verbally demands things of the target

– males perps commonly have all female friends (online)

– male perps seek to confuse and seduce female target 

– benefit from monetary gain or sex (payment for the male perp)

– male perps gain sex by means of a “prostitute sent in”

– inconsistencies in their “story” usually vague and alters

– if allowed close enough to target, will implant target (can be done sexually)

– poisons target’s food (leftovers)

– perps are commonly a neighbor or “pretend” friend who is overly friendly

– harasses target

– causes undue stress to the target; intentionally distressing the target in any given circumstance or opportunity

– attempts to keep the target distracted for the purpose of brain entrainment; keep as much control over the target as possible

– pose as a targeted individual or victim and are not

– egotists (not present in all perps, only in some)

– does not help others

– perps will take reduced consequences for criminal acts committed (form of payment for targeting)

Got it from Teresa Reed She is on Facebook as “Teresa Reed” works at Anonymous her Bio says. 

Questions About Mind Control Handlers Answered #1

Can Handlers Change if so why?
Sometimes, Handlers change. But most of them, stay for long periods of time. Before they decide to change. Possibly yes, but truthfully they want to stay with the same person and for the victim to have the same Handler.

What if you move countries, do the same Handler or Handlers Stay?

They would only be changed to those who are trusted and local, if you travel, otherwise they could Travel. Although, someone can be a Handler/Controller in a different country then you are in.

Do most Handlers stay for Life? 

Generally long term studies, in this case of an agent, yes a third part unknown. Handlers stay with mission until it no-longer apples or you become non compliant.

Where would they or the person get the technology? 

There’s ways without using their network or software they already have. But a person would need knowledge of inside things of experience with Networks & Frequencies.

Do Handlers follow you/ stalk you?

They can get people to follow you yes. Most of the times the Handler doesn’t follow you. They get other individuals too.

~ These Are The 2 Types of People that could be following you that your Handler wants: 

Independent Companies: They are Paid

Cults E.G Illuminati, Government: Done generally for free

Monitoring/Surveillance is once again, done generally by other people then the Controller/Handler. Other people then tell the Handler/Controller what is happening in the persons life etc.

Thanks for the people that have just read this article, or follow up on my latest blog posts. If you like something about this article. Feel free to comment or email me at ~ 

Signs of a Mind Control Handler: How To Figure It Out. 


  1. If you have Synthetic Telepathy. Try your hardest to decipher who the voice sounds similar too. 
  2. Who is close to you? 
  3. Does anyone gaslight you. Or could have in the past? 
  4. Who seems to be quite nervous when they around you. Do you get a bad feeling the person is hiding something from you? 
  5. Is there anybody you know, that appears in your life once in awhile and then not around all the time. 
  6. Is there anybody you know that is gone for days or a couple? Then comes back to you? Without a valid excuse? 
  7. Think about anyone around you. Do you think anyone you know, is capable of getting the Technology, to do Mind Control on you?

~ If yes, do you have any thought of how they could get access to the Mind Control technology to control you?

  1. Do you know someone in authority online or offline? Do you know someone in authority or have in the past?

~ If yes, did they seem odd or strange around you? Or have an instant attraction for you?

  1. Do you know someone that has a split personality? 
  2. Do you know someone that can flip on a dime. Can be happy one day then distressed the next?
  3. If you have Telepathy what does the person sound like. How they talk. Is it similar to someone you know. The words they use? 
  4. Do you experience Symptoms of  Mind Control?

~ Make a schedule. Write down time and dates of when you experience symptoms. Write down also, what the Symptom is.

  1. If you experience Synthetic Telepathy does the tone of voice seem similar to a person you know? 

~ The tone of voice may not be exactly the same. Although, Handlers tend to tinch it a little. To not sound exactly like their true identity.

  1. Do you detect a person?

~ What is their work schedule like? If it is during, most likely not the person. Unless they are using the Technology on their break or doing very little. When they communicate with you when they are working, is it small chunks of time?

Bonus Points:

~ These are from my experiences pinpointing my Handler.

~ These Questions I hope should help you figure out who the person could possibly be.

~ It could be a male or female. Doesn’t matter your Gender.

~ Some signs may not be all accurate. Although, everybody is not the same. Overall, some form of techniques are used in the majority aspect.

~ Plus sometimes the Handler will not have even have tried to communicate with you in person. Or speak things about their identity.

~ If this is the situation, you may never know who your Handler is. If you cannot pinpoint the questions in this article. The handler could be hiding their true self from you.

~ Keep in mind, not everybody has a Handler. Some Targeted Individuals of Mind Control are on a non-stop computer program. Certain Individuals only get a Handler.


Not Every T.I’s Story Is The Same A Must Read!

Why do I have to explain to the Targeted Individual community that not every Targeted Individual’s story is the same?

If someone is Targeted this doesn’t mean that everybody else is experiencing the same things.


1) Is everybody the same person with the exact same experience as everyone else?

2) Does every Handler say the exact same things to each victim?

3) Does Handler’s use the same effects on each victim?

4) Does every Handler use the same techniques for each victim?

The answer is “No”.

Reality About Police & Targeted Individual Stalking

Okay, I wish the Police would work more towards stopping these types of things. But most just don’t have enough Resources. Especially Online Stalking-Crime parts of the units. But in Reality basically, if you have especially any Mental Health history most of the time they just don’t care and don’t work hard enough… Because they just think you’re insane. Which is ludicrous and very much disappointing. They need to work harder on this subject of crime. Because, stalking can very much lead to murdering someone… What person with a Crime Case…

Just pointing this out… Random but kind of not. Anyways what person… Does not come home at night and figure out about it? And think about it? Instead of just relying on facts? Most people I know just don’t rely on facts if you have Knowledge. And the point is, most people think of this after work. I know because I enjoy learning about crime and how people work. Although, honestly the thing is, and point is. Most people are dumb and just don’t think properly. Look at Society there you go.