Signs Your Pet Is Being Mind Controlled

Handlers and perps are what causes us to live in fear as targeted individuals, scared that our pets will get attacked as well.

Signs Your Pet Is Being Attacked By Frequencies:

1. Your Pet Is Paranoid:

Look out for your pet being paranoid. Your pet being paranoid could mean that your pet is having frequencies hit at them. Pets that get paranoid for no reason could mean that your pet is picking up on frequencies around you.

2. Your Pet Is Skittish:

If your pet is skittish this may be a sign your pet is being mind controlled. Especially if your pet is skittish for no reason at all. Your pet being skittish could be hearing things you are not hearing.

3. Your Pet Is Twitching:

If your pet is twitching this may be a sign they are being attacked by frequencies. Your pet should not be twitching. If they are twitching while sleeping it could be a dream but you should look out for how much they are twitching.

Just remember some pets can pick up on frequencies easier then others.


The Community Online Tool Box – Making Progress To End Targeting

This blog post will be about the Online Toolbox. This toolbox is to help us as a targeted individual community, progress to end targeting.

The community took box offers three subjects:

1. Learn A Skill:

Access a reliable, step-by-step navigation in your society building skills. Which offers tool kits such as, develop a strategic plan, how to conduct an assessment, write a grant or even evaluate your efforts.

2. Get Help Taking Action:

Access a simple model taking activity youu can use for general navigation on accessing, planning, taking action, evaluating and sustaining your work.

3. Contribute To Online Tool Box’s Work:

Help sustain these resources for building healthier communities. You can also donate to the Online Tool Box.

Millions of people use the Community Took Box every year to help take action, teaching and training others in organizing for community development. Come to Online Toolbox to help access community needs and resources, addressing g social determinants of health, engaging stakeholders, action planning, building leadership, improving cultural competency, planning an evaluation, and sustaining your work over time.

Building Your ToolBox:

The Community Tool Box offers thousands of individual pages of practical navigation for society change efforts. The Tool Box has supported mashups, or guidance for taking action, with various organizations.

Workstation Sign-In:

The Online Community Toolbox has a community workstation sign-in where you can access your projects.

Capacity Building And Participation Evaluation:

The Tool Box is a community of the Center for Community Health and Development at the Univeristy of Kansas. Created in 1975, the Center had developed widely used capabilities for community-based participation research and building capacity for society health and development. The KU Center for evaluation as well as technical support and training, consultation, and coaching for society, national and international initiatives.

Customized Community Workstations:

The Online Community Toolbox develops tailored online WorkStation websites for local, national and global initiatives. WorkStations solve needs for online groups, collaboration and enable users to easily share materials, make announcements, access tools, learn from others success stories, access guidance from peer discussions and solve needs for online collaboration. Customized WorkStations help communities work together to address the challenges they face.

Community ToolBox Training Curriculum:

Based upon demand for training, the Online Community Toolbox has developed a training curriculum on the sixteen core competencies for promoting community health and development. You can purchase these training materials for use in your own trainings or you can contact one of their experienced staff to conduct trainings for you in person or via webinars. They also employ a “train the trainer” approach.

Community Check Box Evaulation System:

The Online Community Toolbox has a team which has been evaluating community health initiatives for more then twenty years. Based on this experience the team has they have developed a Community Check Box Evaluation System to support documentation and evaluation of initiatives (local, state, national and global). In collaboration with communities, foundations and governmental agencies, they have developed hundreds of customized online systems for a variety of initiatives working along to bring change and improvement.

The Online Check Box Evaluation System includes supports for documenting your data, creating online graphs and reports, engaging in reflection and sensemaking around your data, and linking to clients to particular evaluation questions and what they need to know.

These resources help form a special and powerful infrastructure for supporting and evaluating community initiatives.

10 Signs Someone Is Mind Controlled

Hello everybody I know I have not posted a blog post in awhile. Today’s blog post will consist of how to notice if someone is being mind controlled.

How To Notice If Someone Is Mind Controlled:

1) A Glare Over Their Eyes

Have you ever noticed that someone may appear to have a glare over their eyes? It seems like a whitish glare and their eyes are very bright. This may be a sign that someone is mind controlled.

2) They Look Somewhat Confused

People who are mind controlled look somewhat confused, this goes along with the glare over someones eyes. They may look lost and seem like they have no idea what they exactly are doing.

3) They Are All Sluggish

People who are mind controlled their movements are very sluggish and sometimes it looks like they are moving in a slow motion. This is a way you can know how someone is mind controlled. They are very slow, and sluggish. Do not think of this for elderly people as they are already most of them slowed down.

4) They Cannot Move Efficiently

Do they seem to move then move fast all at once? Their coordinates of their movements seem off. Because they are under frequencies it can seem to be they also can stop moving them move all at once. This is a sign that someone is mind controlled.

5) They Barely Move When Sitting

People who are mind controlled barely move when they are sitting. They may seem to be in slow motion and barely move. They just sit their and don’t even say anything and just stare around. This is a sign someone is mind controlled.

6) They Don’t Seem Focused On Anything

Do you notice sometimes that a person does not seem focus on anything, and they appear to just be there like they are living on planet earth but they are in space? This is a sign someone is mind controlled. They can’t focus on anything and seem like they are living in space.

7) They Look Like They Are Having A Migraine

Most people who are mind controlled can appear to look like they are having a migraine. Sometimes these people are actually put into a migraine by the frequencies. These people look like their eyes are a bit squinted and appear off. This may be a sign someone is mind controlled.

8) They Have Tremors

People who are mind controlled appear to have tremors. I have a tremor in my left hand and I also know someone that is mind controlled who also has a tremor in their left hand. Someone who is having tremors may be mind controlled.

9) They Zone Off With Their Eyes

People who are mind controlled tend to zone off a lot. Once again, they seem to appear like they are in space. They zone off with their eyes and stare in one spot without moving. This is a sign that someone is mind controlled.

10) They Say Random Things That Don’t Make Sense

Individuals who are mind controlled say random things that do not make sense. This is because the perps are making them say random things. They say random things that usually they would not say. This is a sign someone is mind controlled.

Handler & Perp Psychopaths: Questions Answered

Hello everyone! I know I have not posted for awhile. This blog post will consist of talking about handler and perp psychopaths and will have questions answered.


Why do most handlers appear to act like psychopaths?

We could assume that most handlers are psychopaths because of the way they act. Psychopaths would be the best handlers. It is either these handlers have to act like a psychopath and have became cold because of their work or they recruiting agency simply looks for psychopaths.

Could the recruiting agency of handlers look for psychopaths?

Yes, they very well could look for psychopaths when they are recruiting handlers. Their is an application process which is a psychological test, that occurs when you become a handler. They would most likely look for people with a lack of empathy. You need a lack of empathy to become a handler. A normal empathic person would think torturing people would be insane.

Do handlers get immune to the work of a handler and become a psychopath?

If someone is not a psychopath they just cannot become a psychopath. A psychopath is born from birth. Psychopaths have a completely different brain then people who are not psychopaths.

A handler if they are not a psychopath can get cold and may appear to act like a psychopath but not be a true psychopath. Again, it would be very hard for a person who is not a psychopath to torture people. A empathic person would probably find an escape and get out of the handler hierarchy.


Do most perps know the real reason they are targeting people? Are they psychopaths because of this?

Most perps often times get told lies to target an individual. They do not know the real reason why they are targeting the person. This makes the perp unaware what is happening.

If a perp knew the real reason they were targeting people it may be simply like the handlers they are looking for people with a lack of empathy. Whether they get a psychological evaluation that they are a sociopath or psychopath would be unlikely. They would be looking for individuals simply who have a lack of empathy.

Are perps psychopaths or just lost individuals?

Perps are mostly lost individuals who did not truly know what they were getting into. The perps usually had no idea what they were getting into since the beginning. Most perps are indeed lost individuals that are now a perp and have no idea how to get out of the perp hierarchy.

If you have any questions comment below, I will add them to the blog post and will answer them.

It has to be questions relating to perps or handlers being psychopaths.

V2K Abuser Gaslighting Approaches & T.I Symptoms Of Being Gaslighted

V2K Gas-Lighter Approaches:

• V2K abuser implants thoughts – it is not your usual thoughts.

• V2K abuser uses crude words.

• V2K abuser proceeds to try to get the T.I to rely on the abuser.

• V2K abuser constantly is caught in lies.

• V2K abusers actions do not meet their words.

• V2K abuser knows confusion weakens T.I’s.

• V2K abuser uses positive reinforcement to confuse the T.I – so gaslighting can continue.

• V2K abuser looks for emotional reactions – to see if gaslighting is working.

• V2K abuser tells you everyone else is a liar.

• V2K abuser uses insecurities to hurt the T.I

Symptoms Of T.I Being Gaslighted:

• T.I creates excuses for the V2K abuser – protect the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they should be alone.

• T.I cannot stop apologizing to the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they are never good enough for anyone.

• T.I appears unhappy for no certain reason.

• T.I struggles making well-planned decisions.

• T.I starts wondering if they are too sensitive.

Resources On Mind Control: List Of Websites

This will be updated every once in awhile.


Mind Control:


Russian Mind Control:



Mind Control Handlers & Operators Scenario

Why do handlers have to use v2k technology and the victim and handler could just be sitting in front of each other and their brains could be connected?

A possible scenario could be operators are working for the handlers. These operators could all be in a private business type building. So the handler has their operators connecting the handlers mind to their victims?

I spoke to a targeted individual once that very much did believe in that handlers could connect two victims together.

This would make no sense connecting two victims together. A handler being connected to a victim would make sense because the handler is participating in the program.

Connecting two victims together would not follow their mind control program agenda.

Many people have believed that handlers seem to have their own handlers.

Is this scenario actually possible and very much could be the reality?

Leave your thoughts below.